Are you an influencer with a massive following on the internet?

Are you an internet marketer or someone who wants to venture into affiliate marketing?

You might want to consider joining our CBD affiliate program.

Read below to see why  CBD affiliate marketing is a highly lucrative niche.

  • The statistics

The market for CBD has always been on the rise, but with the growing acceptance for CBD products, the coming years are going to be a boom for CBD.

As of 2015, the market for CBD was $202 million, but Hemp business journal, a market intelligence firm predicts that by 2020 CBD would reach $2.1billion in consumer sales. Also, the ban on CBD has been lifted by the World Anti-Doping Agency, this means more patronage for CBD products.

  • CBD is versatile

CBD products are among the few herbal products covering a wide range of health conditions and still remaining effective. Currently, scientific and anecdotal data shows that CBD products can be used to treat insomnia, anxiety, skin diseases, arthritis, diabetes,  and a range of other conditions. Therefore, you will always find buyers from across the world.

  • CBD has a good track record.

The focal point of affiliate marketing is delivering products good enough to make consumers refer them to their friends. CBD products have the reputation of being effective treatment options and there are no side effects to using CBD!

Speaking of versatility, CBD oils are not meant for skin application alone. Fancily, you can eat, drink or drop the oil under your tongue, so there are many options for your customer to choose from.

  • The internet has gracefully revolutionized shopping

People now prefer to shop from their mobile devices because its fun, convenient and can be done from anywhere. Your potential customer is more likely to get on the internet and add a CBD product to his virtual cart than drive to the nearest shopping mall. If you are creative with your affiliate marketing, you shouldn't have any problems finding customers and earning regular income from your affiliate commissions.

  • Yes. Commissions.

That's the part every affiliate marketer wants to know about. Commissions for CBD products are quite high. On the average, you should be getting 20% to 40% commissions on every sale.

New to affiliate marketing and not sure how it works?

We’ve got you covered.

  • What you do first is create a CBD affiliate account. This is free.
  • You would get a unique affiliate link after registration. Copy and paste this link in your blog, social media or any platform you deem fit. This usually follows a brief description of the product you’re marketing. But again, the approach chosen depends on how you want to go about it.
  • You would earn your commission when someone clicks your affiliate link and gets to purchase the CBD product. The order mustn’t be immediately the visitor clicks your link. His information would be stored, and if he returns within a specified time, you would still earn commissions on his purchase.

Now that you know, how do you join the affiliate program? It's simple. Click on the link below and fill out the form correctly. Hit submit and wait for the reply that would be sent to your email.